Centre for Cybresecurity and Articicial Intelligence EDIH

Cracow University of Technology

We are the reference point in Poland for SMEs working with cybersecurity and AI systems.

Our EDIH specializes in cybersecurity and AI systems in energy and transportation networks and
in public administration systems.

Out working model is a triangle connecting:

Our Business Model:​

We provide Digital Market Observatory
disseminating cutting-edge knowledge
for our customers and SMEs, startups. 

This observatory scouts all relevant
points looking for innovative solutions
and practical applications of digital

We share, educate and organize
the ecosystem of enterprises
in the area of cybersecurity and AI

We provide Help Desk that serves as a first
contact point for our services.

Our customers obtain a unique value
integrating know-how, feasibility analysis, access to high power computing.

We organize customized training
and regular courses on topics related
to cybersecurity and AI.

Our EDIH is a consortium
of leading research and business centers
in cybersecurity and AI:

Our partners:

are familiar with the cutting edge
digital technologies

Our goals

To introduce most advanced digital solutions realizing cybersecurity goals and AI technologies for our customers

To stimulate growth of SME ecosystems realizing versatile applications of digital technologies

To disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge

To increase the digital capacity of national economy

To stimulate transborder cooperation in cybersecurity and AI

To integrate European Networks of Digital Services

Check our infrastructure

Top High Power Computing Centre in Poland

Center of Technology Transfer


Jacek Leśkow


Our specialized EDIH will be focusing in introducing cybersecurity solutions and AI in energy, transportation and public administration. I am looking forward to interacting with all interested parties.


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